Providing the most effective care to get you back to what you love Improving performance and quality of life Utilizing range of motion assessments to prioritize what is actually causing dysfunction.

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What makes our care different?

Select Spine & Sport is a soft-tissue focused clinic that utilizes results driven, one-on-one care to ensure patients get better, faster, and with fewer visits than traditional chiropractic or physical therapy.
We utilize the Integrative Diagnosis system to care for our patients. We strive to give you the most accurate diagnosis possible for your condition paired with unparalleled treatment. Our incredibly detailed exams leave you with no questions unanswered and no relevant function untested.  Our test, treat, and then re-test model of care provides our patients with measurable results each visit, showing them why they chose the right doctor for their health. If you have dealt with the same problem for years and multiple healthcare providers haven’t delivered on the relief they promised, you have found the right office.