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What makes our chiropractic care different?

Select Spine & Sport is a chiropractic clinic that utilizes results driven, one-on-one care to ensure patients get better, faster, and with fewer visits than a traditional chiropractic office. We utilize the Integrative Diagnosis treatment and assessment protocols ( This test, treat, and then re-test model provides our patients with measurable results. Our treatment approach proves improvement and provides encouragement for your health and well-being (There is hope for my condition! Hooray!). Whether you are suffering from a new injury or chronic pain and dysfunction that has been around for years, we will help you or direct you to somebody who can.  You are our focus! Our 45-60 minute exams leave you with no questions unanswered and no relevant function untested.

Adhesion, undeniably the most under-diagnosed musculoskeletal condition, restricts function of your body in several ways. When a muscle or ligament suffers from overuse or trauma, your body responds by starting an inflammatory process and begins laying down collagen.  This collagen is stiff, brittle, and will stick to any structure around it to help stabilize the injured tissue. When your body suffers from enough adhesion, often times bones will move out of place (they become “subluxed”) and intensify the effects of adhesion. Reduced range of motion, restricted blood flow, entrapped nerves and lower pain threshold are all common symptoms of adhesion. These symptoms mean you can experience tightness, feel numb, ache, have shooting pains, throbbing headaches, or more! Your condition may present with a pain in one location, but through examination we may find that the pain is from that area picking up the slack for the true source of the problem.  When the body is treated as a whole instead of a collection of parts, you will notice the difference!
Our mission is providing the most efficient care in order to get patients performing at their greatest potential. Don’t settle for good.  Get the best!


Monday: 8a-1p, 3p-6:30p (@CrossFit 100) Tuesday: 7a-12:30p (@CoMo) Wednesday: 9a-1p, 3p-7p (@CoMo) Thursday: 8a-1p, 3p-6:30p (@CrossFit 100) Friday: 7a-12:30p (@CoMo) Saturday: 9a-12p (@CoMo)

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Where to find us

126 E. Mineral St
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Located inside CoMotion, our office is located just inside the front door past the front desk.

  • Appointments are available Tuesday & Friday 7:00am-12:30pm and Wednesday 9:00am-1:00pm, 3:00pm-7:00pm
  • Appointments are also available every other Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm
  •  For more information about CoMo, visit their website here.

CrossFit 100
4927 North Lydell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Located inside Crossfit 100, enter the building through the door facing Lydell Ave.   Our office is just inside the door to the left.  If you need to change or use restrooms they are located in the 1st and 2nd hallways to the right.


What our clients say

dtrunkyelI saw Scott for the first time while visiting family in Milwaukee after a bad fall. I was seen on short notice and he delayed his own trip to see his family by waiting for me to arrive. AND I felt immediately better after my appointment. Overall a great experience.