Blog post 10/6
Hello! My name is Dr. Scott Glidden, lead chiropractor
at the brand spankin’ new Select Spine and Sport.  I
have cared for people ranging from the pinnacle of couch
potato to never-say-die weekend warriors and I have
noticed a distinct difference between the two populations:
the couch potato will want to know what I can do to
get them better and the weekend warrior wants to know
what they can do to get themselves better.  The difference
this makes in caring for somebody is HUGE!
A proactive patient takes suggestions to heart and
LISTENS, which makes us docs feel good and
generally means that the patient gets better faster,
which they think is pretty swell.   A patient who
doesn’t take suggestions to heart generally won’t
do two major things: stop doing what is hurting
them OR start habits that will help them.  When I
ask if they have done exercises I have given them
to do at home, unless I get a quick yes, everything
else really means no.
We here at Select believe that everybody should
take charge of their health and wellness, so
everything that you will see on this blog is about
how YOU can empower YOURSELF to get
better and overcome or prevent minor aches and
pains.  When things come along that are more
than you can handle yourself, we would be happy
to help you out.  This blog will give self-fix tips,
compare and contrast exercise regimens, posture
habits, reader Q & A, and down the road interviews
with interesting people (hopefully).  Thank you
for reading this and hopefully you’ll come back
next week for my next post!

Dr. Glidden