6 Mobility Checks Everybody Should Do!

A body that moves keeps moving.  One that doesn’t…gets hurt, complains about not being able to move and talks about how mobile they were when they were younger.   Some parts of your body are built for stability, like your knees and spine.  Other parts of your body are built for mobility such as your ankles, hips and shoulders.  If you lose your movement in your mobility joints, your body will recruit that needed mobility from your stability joints.  This is the root of disc bulges and knee injuries.  Here are 6 things to look for to see if your mobility is up to snuff. If you can perform them with no pain, you are at the top of the class.
-You should be able kneel on the ground and sit on your feet without pain.
-Have the ability to sit with your heels flat on the ground and raise your feet/toes off the ground 20 degrees (at least and inch for most adults)
-Go into an unweighted squat where your thighs are parallel to the ground while your heels are contacting the ground and your torso is parallel to your shins (ideally).
-Lie down on your back, keep your knees straight, and raise one leg up 80 degrees without the “base” leg leaving the floor.
-You should be able to put your hand on the opposite shoulder and raise your elbow over your head.
-On your back on the floor have your arms abducted to 90 degrees, your elbows bent to 90 degrees and your palms facing your feet. You should be able to rotate your arms so the back of your hands can touch the floor and rotate the other direction so the palm of your hand should be within an inch or two of the floor.  Both of these should be done with your back and shoulders flat on the floor.

If you have problems with any of these you have some missing mobility and a higher likelihood of injury (if you aren’t injured already). There are things you can do yourself to improve your mobility on your own, but they must be done properly or you could hurt yourself further. To get out of pain or simply to improve your mobility, check us out at www.selectspineandsport.com or call us at (414) 939-5045.