Laptops are awesome.  They are lightweight, can be taken practically anywhere, and you can spend hours diving into the most ridiculous links on the internet (reddit and stumbleupon are my personal favorites to do this).  However, all of this awesomeness comes at a price. Either your shoulders are going to be rounded over for an extended period of time, your neck is going to be craned forward, or both.  If you are looking to fix this problem, your laptop is going to lose some functionality while your body gains functionality.  To prevent these nasty overuse injuries, do yourself a favor and get a bluetooth keyboard.  Getting the keyboard will allow you to place the laptop screen in a position where your shoulder blades can be retracted and your chest in a “open” position, allowing your head to stay over your shoulders and saving yourself from an overuse injury.  The other option you can take is getting an additional monitor, which will require a cable from your laptop to it and for you to haul around a monitor. Get the keyboard and save yourself from neck pain, shoulder impingement and headaches.  If you have any of these things and live near Milwaukee, come check us out.  We don’t bite and we know the best way to get you back to pain-free kitten GIF watching with chiropractic care, soft-tissue treatment and mobility education.

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