Muscle imbalance is often a main source of knee pain.  Your quads being far stronger than your glutes and hamstrings is a recipe for disaster. Start by performing air squats with your heels firmly planted into the ground. The more you focus on putting your weight on your heels the more you will be forced to use those oft-underused glutes and hamstrings.
Mobilizing with a foam roller or lacrosse ball will help with “knots” or tight bands that keep your muscles from stretching out. By “searching and destroying” tender spots, the next tip will be far more effective.
STRETCH! Many people have muscle imbalances that lead to knee pain and stretching these muscles will help things out.  Tight and overused quads will pull on your knee cap, especially when squatting, using stairs or running.  Stretching your quads, hamstrings and calves will alleviate the stress on your knees and improve your range of motion. Hold each stretch for one minute a piece.
These tips will help ease your knee pain If it doesn’t fully resolve your pain, contact us at (414) 939-5045 or [email protected] to allow us to get you off the sidelines of life and back in the game!