What conditions do you treat?

Some people understand the benefits of treatment for conditions such as back pain and headaches. Did you know that there are other benefits that our care can provide?

Low Back Pain ♦ Pain Between the Shoulder Blades ♦ Headaches ♦ Whiplash
Migraines ♦ Pinched Nerves ♦ frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis
Hip Bursitis ♦ Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome ♦ Neck Pain
Plantar Fasciitis ♦ Pain/Tingling/Burning Sensations down arms and/or legs
Sacroiliac Dysfunction (SI Joint Pain) ♦ Achilles Tendonitis
Iliotibial Band Syndrome ♦ Golfers/Tennis Elbow ♦ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Shin Splints ♦ Piriformis Syndrome ♦ Patellar Tendonitis ♦ knee pain
Patellofemoral Syndrome/Runner’s Knee ♦ poor posture ♦ shin splints
elbow pain ♦ pain with deep breaths ♦ ankle instability

This is by no means a conclusive list, so feel free to come in for an appointment. Many patients come in believing they have one condition when it is something entirely different. If we aren’t an expert at treating what you have, we will happily refer you to someone who is! Click here to get started!

Want to know exactly how we treat these injuries? Check out our videos page for an in-depth look here.