Frequently Asked Questions

For the initial appointment the intake paperwork must be filled out, loose fitting clothing should be brought/worn (tank top for an upper body issue, shorts for a lower body issue–no yoga pants), and any pertinent X-rays or MRIs should be brought with.  Plan on the first visit lasting approximately 30-40 minutes to allow for a neurological, orthopedic and functional movement assessment followed by a discussion with Dr. Scott regarding your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.
You will not receive treatment on the first visit to allow us to focus on getting the most accurate diagnosis and best course of action for your treatment plan.
Each treatment plan is unique to that patient. Some cases are very clear and simple while others are multi-faceted and complex.  We ask that our patients schedule 2 appointments per week for 4 weeks to start.  We can remove or add appointments as care progresses. We want our patients health to be restored as quickly as possible by providing the best treatment possible.
Based upon palpation and findings in your exam we can determine which structures are limited by adhesion. We then apply a pressure next to the adhesion, moving the effected structure through a full range of motion to generate tension and reduce the adhesion. It feels like tension building followed by relief.
As adhesion is removed, blood flow and oxygen to the muscle are restored and function is improved.
The initial exam will take 30-40 minutes.  Each subsequent appointment will be 10-15 minutes long.
In the early stages of care, you will be asked to create a healing environment by just taking it easy.  As the condition improves, you will become more involved with care, potentially with home exercises when your body is equipped to handle that load.
Chiropractic adjustments do not address adhesion but simply provide pain relief. Unless we focus on removal of adhesion, the symptoms will keep returning.
We refer to the phenomenon as “unlayering”. As your condition improves load may be redistributed to nearby muscles which may exhibit pain due to accumulation of scar tissue. In other terms, if there is a list of dysfunctional muscles of your body, different muscle now has more relative dysfunction than the structure that was treated. This is totally normal and means that treatment is effective.
If you need to cancel, please do so 24 hours ahead of your appointment.  If not, it will be tallied to a rolling 10 appointment window.  We know life sometimes gets in the way, so if you miss more than 3 out of your most recent 10, you will be charged a $30 fee.
Our office does not accept any insurance. Insurance companies don’t care if you get better–they only care about saving money. They also put up arbitrary barriers and ultimately keep doctors from providing excellent care. Our focus is on YOU and making sure you receive the highest quality diagnosis and treatment possible. This yields incredible results! We do accept cash, check, major credit cards, health savings accounts (HSA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA).
The short answer is no. There are other treatments that may appear similar from a patient’s perspective, but the proof is in the results.


For more information on how our treatment works, please visit the videos page.