Want to know what services we provide?

The services we provide are second to none.

Manual Therapy– Overused muscles create more waste than the body can process, which leads to inflammation and adhesion.  Adhesion can affect range of motion, strength, endurance, decrease sensation and increase pain. You cannot “diet and exercise” adhesion away, it MUST be removed manually. We utilize the most effective techniques from Integrative Diagnosis to reduce adhesion. Rather than guessing what that is, visit their website here!

Chiropractic Care– Poor biomechanics stems from poor skeletal alignment as well as improper muscle activation. Having proper skeletal alignment allows for the nervous system to communicate more efficiently, leading to better muscle tone and less pain. The combination of manual therapy and chiropractic will attack pain from two fronts, leading to faster results and happier patients.
Exercise– Chiropractic and manual therapy WILL clear up your biomechanical issues, but they will not stay corrected unless a balanced exercise program promotes good biomechanics. We teach you what you need to know to keep moving!
Self-Care– An informed patient is a happy patient. Using exercise bands, balls, foam rollers and orthotics are great ways to maintain your body. Knowing how to overcome minor aches and pains through proper  mobilizing techniques will ensure that your condition will improve everyday instead of only when you visit us. These techniques are also great for future maintenance to keep you pain-free.
Prevention-As well as treating conditions that are already present, Select Spine and Sport believes in prevention of injury future injury. We offer an injury risk assessment at our office, which consists of a series of exercises that are assessed and can reveal the likelihood of future injury. There is finally a way to find out your risk! This service is available at CoMo or as a standalone appointment. Contact us for details!

What do we treat?

Most people understand the benefits of chiropractic treatment for conditions such as back pain, strains or sprains or injuries. But did you know that there are other benefits that our care can provide?

Low Back Pain ♦ Pain Between the Shoulder Blades ♦ Headaches ♦ Whiplash
Migraines ♦ Pinched Nerves ♦ frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis
Hip Bursitis ♦ Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome ♦ Neck Pain
Plantar Fasciitis ♦ Pain/Tingling/Burning Sensations down arms and/or legs
Sacroiliac Dysfunction (SI Joint Pain) ♦ Achilles Tendonitis
Iliotibial Band Syndrome ♦ Golfers/Tennis Elbow ♦ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Shin Splints ♦ Piriformis Syndrome ♦ Patellar Tendonitis
Patellofemoral Syndrome/Runner’s Knee ♦ POOR POSTURE!