Our approach to care is that every patient that walks through our door is entitled to getting the best and most accurate diagnosis possible. Dr. Scott will take a thorough history, discuss every detail to your condition before a careful assessment, provide a detailed diagnosis and prognosis, followed by the best musculoskeletal care available in the Milwaukee area.  During each subsequent visit Dr. Scott will test, treat, and retest your level of function to ensure you are seeing the results that you deserve. Our job is to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible–a diagnosis shouldn’t depend on the doctor’s training, but what the condition demands.  We are here to provide our patients the tools and information they need to get their problem fixed.

Pain in one area of the body doesn’t always mean that is where the problem is–altered loads due to overuse may cause other structures to compensate and become more painful than the actual injured tissue.  If you are suffering from nerve pain with the accompanying tingling, aching or numbness we can help. We specialize in getting your body prepared to handle the load you put on it everyday by providing the exact treatment your body needs. Better assessment, better treatment, better results!

Utilizing the Integreative Diagnosis system, the musculoskeletal care we provide is the most cutting-edge care available anywhere. We pride ourselves in our commitment to constant continuing education, online and in-person with the best doctors in the world.

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